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VOMS School Wide Focus 2021 - 2022

Valley Oak Middle School
2021-2022 School-Wide Goals
Academic Behavior
-95% of all students will pass all classes              
with a 2.3  or higher.
-Use of academic discourse in allclasses
to 70% student and 30% Teacher.
-The number of referrals at VOMS will be reduced by 25% from the previous year.
-VOMS will reduce the number of suspensions by
10% from the previous year.

In order to increase student achievement, we will focus on:


Lesson Sequence & Delivery (Big 3)

1.        Daily Objective:

-       Clear and Measurable (What, Why, How format)

-       Posted in same location school-wide

-       Referenced to it a minimum 3X/Period

-       Clear Learning Targets

2.       Checking for Understanding:

-      Minimum of 4 times per period

-      Random Selection by Teacher

-      Systematic use of Blooms Leveled Questions

-      Appropriate Checks for Lesson

-      Model and give feedback to all students

3.       Student Engagement

-      Use Engagement Structures used by name

-      Use of the Kagan 5 routinely

-      Model as needed

-      Use structures with fidelity to ensure PIES

-      Choose Structure based on daily objective



Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s)

Weekly Meetings will be focused on:

What do we want all students know and do? (Before the Unit)

-       Common Pacing

-       Lesson Design and Delivery

-       Focus on Essential Standards

-       Formative and Summative Assessment Calendar

-       Research based Strategies

-       Identified Clear Learning Targets weekly

How will we know if they learned it? (During/After Unit)

-       Data Analysis

-       Tracking my own Learning

-       Frequent visits to Smart Goals

-       Team Celebrations

How will we respond if students don’t know it? (After Unit)

-       RTI

-       Structured Intervention

How will we respond if students learned it? (After Unit)

-       RTI

-   Structured Enrichment


School Climate and Culture

-          School Wide PBIS Focus

-          Team/Class building emphasis

-          Spirit days

-          Bronco ”RISE UP” Assemblies

-          School Leadership Team

-          New Teacher Cohort Training

-          Leadership Summit for all

-          Connecting with Community Partners

-          Project Based Learning in Science

-          Staff Teambuilding and recognition

-          College/Career Pathways offered for RTI



-          Staff Development for all on Schoology & Google Classroom

-          Online Assessments for all Core departments

-         1:1 Chromebook for each student

-          Use of Software Programs to enhance teaching

-          Staff Development for use new Software Programs

-          iReady school wide program

-          Suite 360 used school wide

-         PowerSchool used for attendance and grades



-          Focus Notes done in all departments

-          Clear teacher understanding of CCSS

-          Cross-Department Pacing with emphasis on Literacy

-          Use of Reading Strategies in all departments

-          Emphasis on Non-Fiction Text in History/Science

-          Emphasis on Citing Textual Evidence

-          Emphasis on Reading, Writing, Speaking in all departments

-          All departments use Schoology & iReady




The mission of Valley Oak Middle School is to provide a system of consistent expectations that will lead to academic and social success and promote respect, integrity, self-control, and excellence in order for students to become productive members of our campus and society.


In order to fulfill our mission, we are dedicated to creating a school where:

Staff members have high expectations for student success and support students in their work to meet those expectations.  Staff members believe all students can achieve.

Therefore, we commit that:

  • We will use daily lessons that are standards-based and well-delivered that include measurable objectives, engagement strategies, and frequent checks for understanding with feedback.
  • We will provide extra time and/or support for students (e.g., re-teaching, reassessing, and enrichment).
  • We will monitor and evaluate student learning to provide specific feedback to students in a timely manner.

A collaborative culture ensures staff members work as an interdependent team to refine lesson design and delivery to better meet the needs of all students.

Therefore, we commit that:

  • We will modify lesson plans to include engagement strategies in order to meet the diverse needs of our students.
  • We will use academic and behavioral data to determine students’ needs and pacing of curriculum.
  • We will share ideas and collaborate in our PLC.

The academic/social environment is safe and positive.  Students and staff feel a sense of significance and belonging.

Therefore, we commit that:

  • We will implement teambuilding and classbuilding in all classrooms.
  • We will model Valley Oak RISE Up for our students.
  • We will establish rapport and make connections with students, staff, and parents.
  • We will maintain zero tolerance for bullying on campus.

Student achievement is closely and systematically monitored and communicated to hold all students accountable for their learning and wellness.

Therefore, we commit that:

  • We will use PowerTeacher, Parent Link, and progress reports to support students and parents.
  • We will update our gradebooks every 1-2 weeks.
  • We will have conversations about learning with individual students.
  • We will teach students to self-monitor their learning.


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