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VOMS Volunteer Application

  • VUSD Volunteer/Chaperone Application Process

    For support working alongside teacher (you're never alone with students):

    1. Volunteer/chaperone attends a short orientation with school site administration.
    2. Complete VUSD Volunteer Application [click here]
      1.  Part of the application process includes proof of a TB assessment and/or negative testing.  This will be turned in along with the application.  VUSD Nurses can help w/ TB assessment. 
    3. Admin will check the volunteer’s name on the NSOPW website (Megan’s Law)
    4. The site secretary scans applications to VUSD Human Resources: Elaine Camus ( or Luz Cuevas ( for most applications.
    5. We will notify you that the process is complete once the application is approved by VUSD Human Resources. 


    Additional steps needed if Volunteer/Chaperone will be alone with students or will be supervising during field trips: 

    1. To obtain FBI clearance, VUSD requires volunteers to submit a background check which will be done with a fingerprinting process.  This enrolls the volunteer in the district’s “pull program” which monitors arrest status.  The cost of fingerprinting will be the responsibility of the volunteer.    
    2. Fingerprinting:
      1. When instructed by the school site, head to VUSD office (5000 West Cypress Avenue, Visalia, CA 93277) to pick up a live scan form from HR.
      2. VUSD Human Resources  will provide a list of locations for volunteers  to get it done.
      3. Volunteers and employees have successfully used  “Copy Pack ‘N Ship” at 4125 W Noble Ave, Visalia, because they quickly send the fingerprints for review.  The turnaround is quick in most cases.
    3. Once fingerprints are cleared, VUSD Human Resources will notify the school.
    4. Volunteers who have gone through the fingerprinting process with VUSD previously will not have to be fingerprinted again (because they are already part of the district’s pull program), but will have to fill out the applications yearly.    

    All volunteers must be approved before helping with school activities/chaperone. For questions please contact our Senior Admin Assistant Pam Taves. Thank you!